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What else does the WAMServer provide?

We have set up a mailing list where you can share your thoughts and experiences on the WAM subject. Just send an eMail to majordomo@wamserver.com and put the words "subscribe wamfanmail" into the eMail body. This will put you on the list and you will be able to read new messages on the list. To send a new message to the list members, send your eMail to wamfanmail@wamserver.com.
Have fun!
Additional note: Due to the fact that the WAM community wasn't very pleased to see this new mailing list, I will not keep it active but nevertheless won't cancel it completely. I regard this list as a fallback for the time, when all the commercial sites start eating the people using their services. I thought that providing an ad- and charge-free site to take shelter would be nice, so it will be here when it's needed. Thanks.

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What's new?

2003-04-18: Added new member Taral Wayne
2002-09-15: Removed broken Links and updated moved sites